Lauren Calabrese

The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.

everyone loses.

My mom works in the buffalo schools. She had a student last year who would never talk and everyone thought she was muted. She was 15 years old. My mom was use to it because she teaches mentally disabled teenagers. My mom new the girl had been raped and was left alone with a baby from the guy who did that to her but everyone thought the girl was muted. One day when my mom was working with her, my mom told her to try and say anything and she begged her. The first and only thing she said was , “all men are pigs”.

Today in the news, i feel like i only see everyone cheating on each other and all this bull shit. People need to stay faithful to one another. Its a beautiful thing to love someone and only them.


i’m going to forgive anyone thats ever been mean or harsh to someone or me. that has ever done something they regret. that has ever done something absolutely horrible. i forgive you.

Promise not to promise anymore.

They are both amazing. <3 INSPIRING.

I always push away before I can get close

5:: Name the family member you are closest to, and describe the reltionship you have with them.

My nana. She’s like a best friend, not a grandma. She’s very supportive and is always at every activity I do. She will listen to me play the same piano song for my recital every time she comes over. If she wasn’t here I don’t really know what I would do.

why am i loosing everything around me? everyone? Right when I thought I had a good friend who listened to everything I said, their gone. Back to having no friends!

4:: What parts of your personality don’t you like?

It bothers me how i let everyone get away with anything they want, even if it hurts me a lot. And i USED to let people walk all over me, but i have started to stick up for myself more.

3:: What parts of your personality do you like?

I like the fact that it’s not difficult for me to be nice to a person and it just happens naturally.And i enjoy helping people a lot and want a loving world.i like dat.


i want to be that perfect person. i want to be everything you’ve ever wanted. i want to be something you think about constantly. i want to be somethinBg you love. But all i can do is be myself.